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Corporate Market




Dedicated IP

The dedicated NB Telecom link gives your business unrestricted access to the Internet, high speed and reliability with guaranteed download and upload rates and no port bloking. Dedicated access is available 24x7x365, linking your business directly to our IP backbone, without sharing with other customers.

Security cameras, email servers, intra / extranet servers, e-commerce, online sales force system, ERP, virtual private networks via Internet (VPNi), Electronic Funds Transfer (TEF), Internet banking, among others.


Speeds from 1M to 40G
More agility
Increased security
High quality


Extend your network by making the last mile with NB Telecom. Building and maintaining a new network has a cost, often unnecessary, and may make it unfeasible for new business to be realized. We have our own fiber, radio and works teams, which are available 24x7 for installations and recoveries in case of failures, guaranteeing the contracted SLA.


Greater economy
High Availability
National and international connections
Monitoring and management 24x7x365

Temporary  Links

Whether it's a link to access the internet or a point-to-point, we provide temporary access to your event or project. For events, we can still distribute the wi-fi signal and provide telephony infrastructure. We have already covered the main venues in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. No matter the size and duration of the event, talk to us about your project. 


VoIP technology enables the transmission of voice over IP (Internet Protocol), turning analog audio signals into digital data, allowing the customer to use the internet link to speak with external numbers. Bring your account and we'll simulate the economy we can provide. To complete the solution, we can rent IP phones and replace your traditional PBX with our Cloud PBX.


Cost reduction
Calls between matrix and branches with zero cost
Possibility of renting of IP and / or ATAS phones


The telephone exchanges, also called PABX, are expensive equipment that requires constant maintenance. Our cloud PBX solution simplifies the operation, allows the use of transfer, conference, voice mail, call waiting, among others, besides allowing mobility since the client can have its extensions anywhere in the world that has a Connection to the internet. In addition, we complement the solution with rental of IP phones or ATAs (converters) so that the client does not need to invest in infrastructure.


Remote Management
Cost reduction


Keeping a datacenter currently requires space, energy, trained personnel and constant investment. Colocation is a server hosting service in our datacenter, in a secure environment, with high energy availability, controlled temperature, multiple connectivity redundancies, physical security and efficient solution to prevent and fight fires. From 1U to an entire rack, bring your design and we will make it come true.


High Availability
Multiple space options (Full rack, Half rack, 1/2 rack and Us)


NB Telecom Hosting is a server rental service that is tailored to customer needs. You define the capacity of processing, memory, storage, operating system, database and applications and we make it happen.


Connection Speed
High Availability
Qualified technical support
Monitoring 24x7x365
Dedicated server