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Extend your network by making the last mile with NB Telecom. Building and maintaining a new network has a cost, often unnecessary, and may make it unfeasible for new business to be realized. We have our own fiber, radio and works teams, which are available 24x7 for installations and recoveries in case of failures, guaranteeing the contracted SLA.


Greater economy
High Availability
National and international connections
Monitoring and management 24x7x365

Dark Fiber

The Dark fiber lease is a service for telcos and providers that enables connectivity between two points according to their need. In this service, the contractor is responsible for "lighting" the fiber, and NB Telecom is responsible for maintaining it in case of breakage.


Agility in deployment

Connectivity Support

Ideal for companies with presence in many cities, which need sporadically technicians to interact with equipment in distribution centers or even within clients.

This is often the case in Datacenters (Alog / Equinix, Level 3, Tivit) and reference buildings such as Teleport.

NB Telecom has competent professionals to assist you, offering from optical fiber repairs, circuit certification and "remote hands" suport.


Cost reduction
Greater agility
Customer focus

IP Transit

Whether you are a wholesale carrier, a cloud services provider, or a content delivery network operator, NB Telecom’s IP Transit service delivers the high-performance internet connectivity that your business requires.


Ideal solution for wholesale carriers and large clients with their own ASN and IP address
Flexible bandwidth
IPv4 and IPv6 (Native) dual stack
Real-time reporting